Household Energy Storage Cases
Our new energy storage system combines PV power generation with storage batteries to create a smart micro-grid, offering consumers a safe and intelligent electricity supply. Households located in suitable locations can generate their own electricity and sell any excess back to the State Grid, reducing electricity costs and generating additional income.
Flexible and easy to use;
Electricity generated for self-use; economical and efficient;
The remaining electricity is sold to the State Grid for extra earnings.
Industrial & Commercial Cases
Integrating photovoltaic, energy storage, power grid, and load equipment, our solution is based on the principles of efficiency, intelligence, and safety. We provide secure and smart clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial fields through a safe and intelligent grid-connected and off-grid working mode.
Reduce the pressure of grid regulation;
Use peak-valley spread arbitrage to lower electricity costs;
Respond to power demands and reduce power assessment;
Stand-by power supply available to ensure stable power.

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