Yohoo Elec PPS1000 Portable Energy Storage Battery - Your Reliable Power Companion

Yohoo Elec PPS1000 Portable Energy Storage Battery - Your Reliable Power Companion

2024-04-02 10:56:15

The Yohoo Elec PPS1000 Portable Energy Storage Battery is not just your ordinary power source - it's a powerhouse of safety and reliability thanks to its Battery Management System (BMS) protection board. Let's delve into the multiple protection functions that the BMS board offers:


1. Overcharge Protection:

When the battery voltage reaches 25.2±0.05V during charging, the system automatically stops charging the battery to prevent overcharging and ensure the battery's longevity.

2. Over-discharge Protection:

If the battery discharge voltage reaches 18.2±0.05V, the system will automatically halt the discharge process, safeguarding the battery from excessive discharge and potential damage.

3. Over-temperature Protection:

The BMS protection board monitors the MOS temperature, and if it reaches 65℃±5, it triggers an automatic protection mechanism to prevent overheating and ensure safe operation.

4. Overcurrent Protection:

In case the charging or discharging current exceeds 1.2 times the battery capacity, the system will promptly activate protection measures to maintain the battery's integrity.

5. Short Circuit Protection:

If the battery's positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly, the BMS board will switch off the output within 1 second. After 60 seconds, the protection will be automatically released. However, if the short circuit protection is triggered more than 5 times, the BMS will enter a locked state for added safety.


With the Yohoo Elec PPS1000 Portable Energy Storage Battery and its comprehensive BMS protection features, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your devices are powered safely and efficiently. Stay connected, stay protected with Yohoo Elec!

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