The First Portable Power Station with Password Lock Function of 600/1000W Has been Launched in South Africa

The First Portable Power Station with Password Lock Function of 600/1000W Has been Launched in South Africa

2024-03-19 16:37:32

(The unique feature of Yohoo elec 600/1000W portable energy storage battery lies in its password lock function and flexible payment method, bringing convenience and choices to users.)
Yohoo Elec recently introduced a highly anticipated portable energy storage battery in South Africa, offering users a brand-new charging experience. This 600/1000W energy storage battery not only has powerful storage capacity, but also comes with 8 output ports, including 2 USB outputs, 2 Type C outputs, 1 car charging output, 2 AC outputs, and 1 wireless charging, meeting various charging needs.
Yohooelec 1000w_副本.jpg

What sets this portable energy storage battery apart is its password lock function, providing users with more convenience. Merchants can set 24 passwords, and users can pay one installment fee per month to obtain the current password. Users can unlock the battery by entering the password with a remote control, restoring normal use. It is worth mentioning that the usage time starts counting from when the battery is unlocked. This flexible installment payment method not only reduces users' financial pressure but also avoids the loan interest rate issues associated with bank installment payments. This innovative payment method offers users more convenience.

Furthermore, this battery also supports a rental mode, where users who stay for a short period only need to pay for one or two installments to enjoy 1-2 months of usage. This rental mode provides users with more choices, catering to different user groups' needs and offering a more flexible user experience.

Yohoo elec's portable energy storage battery with password lock function of 600/1000W not only provides users with a convenient charging solution but also offers more choices and convenience through unique payment methods and rental modes. This innovative design concept will bring a new direction to the portable energy storage battery market.

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