A Deep Dive into the Yohoo Elec 5.12kWh Wall-Mounted Battery Management System

A Deep Dive into the Yohoo Elec 5.12kWh Wall-Mounted Battery Management System

2024-05-09 09:53:37

The Yohoo Elec 5.12kWh wall-mounted battery is a cutting-edge energy storage solution that comes equipped with a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS). This BMS offers a range of features and functionalities that ensure the efficient and safe operation of the battery system.

One of the key highlights of the Yohoo Elec BMS is its compatibility with multiple brands of inverters through RS485/CAN communication protocols. The battery has been successfully matched with inverters from 26 different manufacturers, including Growatt, Virctron, Luxpower, Must, Srne, Deye, Sorotec, and Pylon, among others. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and communication between the battery and the inverter system.

In terms of charging and discharging capabilities, the Yohoo Elec battery supports constant current and constant power operations. With a capacity of 51.2V/100Ah, the battery can support charging and discharging rates of 0.2C, 0.5C, and up to 1C, with a maximum power output of 5.12kW.

The hardware features of the Yohoo Elec BMS are designed to enhance performance and safety. The BMS board includes multiple temperature sensors for accurate temperature monitoring, precise voltage sampling with a deviation of ±20mV, a 125A overcurrent switch for automatic battery output disconnection, and a fast plug-and-play battery connector for efficient installation. Additionally, the BMS is equipped with LED indicator lights for monitoring state of charge, system status, and alerts.

The Yohoo Elec BMS also offers advanced functionalities such as protocol selection via LCD display or PC software, support for parallel connection of up to 16 units through RS485 communication, and pre-charging capabilities to prevent damage to internal components during power-up.

Furthermore, the BMS includes protective features such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection during charging and discharging, and temperature protection to ensure the safety and longevity of the battery system. The BMS also supports remote software upgrades to enable users to access the latest features and enhancements.

Yohoo Elec 5.12kWh wall-mounted battery with its advanced BMS offers a reliable and efficient energy storage solution for residential and commercial applications. With its robust hardware features, intelligent functionalities, and comprehensive protection mechanisms, the Yohoo Elec BMS sets a new standard for performance and safety in the energy storage industry.

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